Battlefield Tours: Military And Historical Tours

Someone once stated that if we forget history then we are doomed to repeat it. Yet how anybody could ever forget certain historical moments is quite beyond belief. If anything there is a certain fascination with war history and battle tours have become quite a popular holiday alternative in recent years.

It is perhaps a sombre note to decide to take a 'holiday' to the scene of such blood shed, hatred and agony but these wars were fought by men and women with little emotion other than an heart felt feeling to protect their loved ones back home and their fellow country men.

Remembrance Tours And Battlefield Tours With Guides

To pay down the shilling or for God and Country, people paid with their lives to give freedom the world over and to defeat a perceived threat and a deadly evil. Ideals which threatened the livelihood and lives of people they loved. Our Grand Parents and ancestors fought bravely to give us the lives we lead today.

Whatever your reason for wishing to take part in a battle tour, a keen interest in war history is as good a reason as any. The ability to travel to some fantastic locations of sublime beauty and re imagine the war torn scenes that enveloped regions of the world and turned them into bloody battle fields.

Or to simply learn world and local history as told by professional battle tour guides with the knowledge and story telling ability to capture the moment, to visit fields of remembrance and to visit a grave of an unknown soldier, battle tours are able to serve the majority of your wishes in both an informative and compassionate manner.

Local And Global Warfare In Exotic Locations With Vivid Memories

Battle Tours which are offered today encompass a wide range of locations across the world, South Africa, Russia, mainland Europe and the Crimea through to Asia, Singapore and the Americas. While World War 1 battle tours and World War II are some of the most popular.

Usually a family connection reminds us of war history, but also locations and further learning and insight takes us to Agincourt, scenes on Somme and historical trips to the Boer War Battlefield, Battle of the Bulge, a Third Reich Tour and Dambusters raid encounter all form Battle Tour holidays which can both be enjoyed as well as provide enlightenment.

Browse our guides to battle tours. the locations around the world that may bring you surprising tales of victory after hell has been unleashed. As well as learning about the strategy, tactics and immediate historical references. All supplied by knowledgeable guides who will illuminate your battle tour and take you back in time.

  • Global Tours

    There are lots of global tourism destinations where you can learn about history in addition to getting an enjoyable holiday. Of course, there are places throughout Europe and the USA where you can learn about battles which you likely know about, but travelling further afield can also provide a unique and educational experience.

  • Holiday Packages

    There are plenty of holiday opportunities around the world which are worth looking at. Whether you're interested in old battlefields, or just enjoying a break at the beach, looking online for information and reviews on the choices available is a very good option.

  • Tourism Destinations

    A wide number of tourism destinations can offer people an even wider variety of experiences. London is a great example of this, as the location gives people a taste of history in the architecture and museums contained within it, but the diverse way of life also gives you the opportunity to experience the social environment in which ever way you choose.